Ben Salatin is a clinical rehabilitation engineer at McGuire Veterans Hospital in Richmond, VA where he specializes in working with therapists to find the right combination of assistive technology to empower Veterans to live independently.  Shortly after joining the VA, he pioneered the use of 3DP in a rehab clinic to collaboratively design custom assistive technology with Veterans and their therapists.  Ben has become the leading advocate for 3DP within the VA, seeking to incorporate it across the healthcare spectrum and is building a national network of 3DP users across the agency.  

In 2015 he teamed up with Presidential Innovation Fellow Andrea Ippolito to help host the first ever VA make-a-thon with a focus on assistive technology and prosthetics.  He continues working to transform the VA into a more Maker friendly agency, creating an environment which actively encourages innovation.

He is also very interested in helping to spread expertise about assistive technology around the world to regions that are still developing their rehabilitation services. Of particular interest to him is Asia and Africa.